Deliver better mental health support and ensure unit readiness.

Reduce risk, cost, time, and resource utilization while improving quality of care.


active-duty service members and 22 reservists per 100,000 died by suicide in 2016.
likelihood that soldiers will attempt suicide if their unit had 5+ suicide attempts in the past year.
non-deployed soldiers surveyed live with a mental disorder.

Voi Detect

Identify service members at imminent risk for suicide

Assess risk

Voi’s exclusive validated assessment:
  • Takes only two minutes
  • Replicates the judgment of an expert psychiatrist
  • Uses AI to improve its accuracy and ability to predict risk.

Analyze results

  • Instantly generate objective, real-time risk scores from the assessment.
  • Categorize service members into low, medium, and high risk levels.
  • Automatically post results to the Military Health System (MHS) EHR.

Make decisions

  • Develop better treatment plans.
  • Direct psychiatric resources to service members at highest risk.
  • Monitor service members, units, and population through customized data analytics.
  • Track operational and compliance metrics.

Voi Reach

Support service members remotely with relationships that matter

Promote connectedness

  • Service members work with input from the chain of command/military medical personnel to select a care team of family, friends, fellow service members, chaplain, behavioral health coaches, therapists, clinicians, and/or others.

Stay engaged

  • Voi Reach prompts care team members or command members to reach out to support the service member.
  • Voi Reach delivers 24/7 feedback, guidance and crisis intervention - such as assessments, and educational materials - when it’s needed.

Monitor status

  • Track the behavioral health status in real time through predictive data analytics.
  • Receive alerts on any changes or intervention needs.
  • Access and administer Voi Detect’s exclusive validated assessment to determine suicide risk level as needed.
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