About Voi

Voi is a behavioral healthcare technology company delivering empirically-validated solutions that address the needs of those at risk for suicide and other behavioral health issues, as well as those who care for them.


Our vision is to transform behavioral healthcare so those who are impacted have access to the continuum of care and connections they need to navigate their future successfully.


Voi’s mission is to deliver the most comprehensive, innovative solutions to help hospitals and health systems, government agencies, educational institutions, families, and communities detect, intervene, support, and care for people at risk for suicide and living with behavioral health issues.

Our Collective Journey

Life’s journey looks different for every person. Each of us sets out with different resources, support, and perspectives. None of us can be sure what triumphs or challenges we may encounter, but it’s certain that during our journey, we’ll set our own course. Some courses may be clear and straightforward; some might include intense hardship or detours into darkness. We created Voi to deliver the very best instruments to help guide voyagers toward their destination of wellbeing.