Make better decisions and solve critical behavioral health challenges.

Reduce risk, cost, time, and resource utilization while improving quality of care.


inpatients die by suicide annually.
of in-hospital suicides result in a lawsuit.
of patients who died by suicide had contact with primary care within the month of their death.

Voi Detect

Identify patients at imminent risk for suicide.

Assess risk

Voi’s exclusive validated assessment:
  • Takes only two minutes
  • Replicates the judgment of an expert psychiatrist
  • Uses AI to improve its accuracy and ability to predict risk.

Analyze results

  • Instantly generate objective, real-time risk scores from the assessment.
  • Categorize patients into low, medium, and high risk levels.
  • Automatically post results to the EHR.

Make decisions

  • Develop better treatment plans.
  • Deploy psychiatric resources to patients at highest risk.
  • Monitor patients and population through customized data analytics.
  • Track operational and compliance metrics.

Voi Reach

Support patients remotely with relationships that matter

Promote connectedness

  • Patients build their care team by inviting family, friends, community members, behavioral health coaches, therapists, clinicians, and/or others to provide support.

Stay engaged

  • Voi Reach prompts care team members to reach out to support the patient.
  • Voi Reach delivers 24/7 feedback, guidance and crisis intervention - such as assessments, and educational materials - when it’s needed.

Monitor status

  • Track patient’s behavioral health status in real time through predictive data analytics.
  • Receive alerts on any changes or intervention needs.
  • Access and administer Voi Detect’s exclusive validated assessment to determine suicide risk level as needed.