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Voi's AI-driven solutions help prevent suicide and solve behavioral health challenges.
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inpatients die by
suicide annually.
treated for self-harm
in Emergency Depts.
Outpatients, inpatients and patients in emergency departments all expect the best possible care. Voi enables healthcare professionals to deliver that high quality care for those living with behavioral health issues, through suicide risk detection, behavioral health assessments, mobile engagement, and predictive data analytics.
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Service Members

service members died by suicide in 2016.
higher rate of major depression in soldiers compared to civilians.
Service members defend and protect our country, facing acute danger, enduring prolonged separation from friends and family, and suffering other traumatic stressors. Voi’s solutions ensure that commanders can identify those at risk, provide continuous support to help those in need, and positively impact unit readiness.
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suicides occur at colleges per year.
out of 100 students have attempted suicide.
Students enter colleges and universities at a time of significant psychological and social development. They face new independence and new stressors with a reduction of familiar support systems. Voi assists institutions in identifying students at risk and providing ongoing monitoring and behavioral support for peace of mind.
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higher rate of suicide among veterans compared to non-veteran adults.
veterans of those who die by suicide each day recently used VA healthcare.
Veterans have served their country, but when they return from that service, they may require support that is different than their civilian counterparts. This support should be tailored to suit their experiences, background, and needs. Voi’s solutions are designed to provide the tools and support that are needed to help veterans improve their behavioral health as they re-enter and participate in civilian life.
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Innovative assessment platform and mobile engagement

Start using simple, effective tools to detect risk, and reach out at the right time.
Voi Detect

The new standard of care for imminent suicide risk.

Takes only two minutes.
Delivers immediate benefits.

To prevent suicide, the first step is to identify who is at risk. Our solution replicates expert psychiatric judgment and features SERAS™, the only validated near-term suicide risk assessment.

Voi Reach

Harnessing the power of relationships.

Behavioral health support in the palm of their hand.

The most effective suicide intervention comes from our friends and family. Voi Reach leverages the power of trusted relationships in a single mobile application to provide unparalleled support and educational resources for those in need. Individuals select their own support team, while Voi Reach supplies continuous risk monitoring and crisis intervention through predictive data analytics.